Marry Well...

I recently went to a talk, by the lovely Sir Rocha Says, for bloggers - which we are not, but I was curious & there were cocktails involved! However, a lot of what Linh said resonated with me on a greater scale, especially her "Lesson":
  • Meet Other Creatives
  • Marry Well
  • Seek Ways to Collaborate
  • Build Each Other Up

because Mary & I already live by this formula!

Meet Other Creatives...hell, we were raised by them!!  Mary's mother is a combination of MacGyver & Martha Stewart. Her cousin is a killer spoken word poet (who performed at both our weddings!) My grandmother was a painter & my father played a '69 Gibson, that could make you cry. 
So, it is no surprise that we both married creative people! Mary's husband is an industrial designer & furniture maker, and mine is a Printmaker & avid art collector.
While in Barbados, some of our best friends were artists, singers, drummers & guitar players. Seeing art exhibitions & listening (and dancing!) to live music, are some of my children's earliest memories!

Marry well.  uh, duh! Mary & I often tell people that we have been together 25 years. More than once, we have been mistaken as being each other's "life partners", and in a way, we are. Mar & I became best friends under unusual circumstances for 9 year olds. Our first sleepover, was the night of her father's funeral, after spending a long day at his wake. I met the entire family that weekend, and have been a part of it ever since.
People say not to go into business with your best friend... for us, it was only natural to. There aren't too many other people we would trust enough to take this journey with.

Seek Ways to Collaborate. The phrase "when you know what you want, you have to go after it" rings true with us. Since E&O began, we met with, aka. forced ourselves upon, so many wonderful people, from Barbados to LA... jewelers, designers, boutique owners, even flip-flop makers!!!  Most recently we have teamed up with Kerry Haley - Little Brick House - who has made our "perfect little bag" vision come to life!  When we met Marisa Kroll - Interstellar Love Craft - we stalked her at a show, barreled into her tent, and said (probably yelled) something like: "Hi! we are Mary & Laura from Emerson & Oliver and we love your work and really wanted to meet you and introduce ourselves, and maybe we could collaborate with you someday!" I'm pretty sure her response was "Where did you guys come from?!"  We knew we were going to walk away with a new connection for a collaboration, but never would we have thought that such a wonderful friendship would also form from that meeting. 

Build Each Other Up. My grandmother always said, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. This rings true 98% of the time. I was an exceptionally unattractive baby, and when Nana met me, she looked at my mother and said "She has your eyebrows!" HA!
Let's be honest, we all went to Jr.High, we have all seen the movie, Mean Girls really do exist. So, as women & mothers we feel it's our responsibility to not perpetuate this. Mary & I have been so fortunate to have been embraced and welcomed into a "girls club" of so many wonderful female business owners. We meet up, drink wine, talk business, share knowledge & experience with each other (from "how to's" of employee insurance to social media). Then, since we all also have husbands, wives, children, 2nd/3rd jobs, we talk about our kids, our lives, and how we can support each other's endeavors. Not to worry though gentlemen, we are equal opportunity supporters!! There are many extremely talented men whom we work with and support, from wonderful photographers, to our resident donut king!

All points in the "Lesson": MAKE FRIENDS WITH TALENTED MOFOS, are really so relevant to everybody in everyday life. So go on & do what SirRocha Said: Get out there & make friends with some talented mofos!!!


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  • Cousin Karen

    I want to be Laura and Mary when I grow up.

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