E&O Year 3 April 12, 2016 18:23

After 25 years of friendship & 3 years of E&O I think we can finally say, we are really doing it.

Emerson & Oliver has been and will continue to be a work in progress, as we seek out & find new and exciting products to add to the brand. We are taking our time & are making it ours.
The DIA bracelets are our signature piece & where it all began. Eighteen years ago we were introduced to these timeless bracelets.  But as years passed they became more & more difficult to find, though there was still a great demand for them. We took matters into our own hands, and redesigned a quality product not only for ourselves but for our friends and fans of the bracelets. We now offer them in 2 sizes, as well as in blackwash, 24K gold, and as stacking rings. These bracelets are amazing stand alone pieces or can be "adorned"with charms for a more trending look, customizing, personalizing, adding a bit of texture or a pop of color to your set of DIA bracelets. 
From the get-go we wanted to work with other jewelry designers, artists, and more specifically, women. We worked with Erica Bello early on, selling her unique & beautiful jewelry on our website. Little Green Apple was our first exclusive collaboration with a triple stacking ring set of varying sizes. We currently have an ongoing collaboration with Interstellar Love Craft, who we are so proud to call one of us, and a great friend.
Our Home line was born of us seeking beautiful and unique pieces, for our homes or to give as gifts. All are handmade in the USA or made Fair Trade internationally & has been an exciting journey of finding artisans near and far. More recently we have traveled to Europe to find fine leather goods, and are currently beginning yet another collaboration here in the US to bring production to our home soil!
Isobel's Corner is our children's line named for the eldest of our brood! We support small family businesses who make beautifully crafted toys, and children's jewelry here in the USA, as well as international Fair Trade companies.
On this journey we have also recognized our platform for fundraising, and giving back. Being in a position to help and support is not only an honor for us, but is a prodigious way to teach our children kindness, generosity & the importance of social responsibility.  We have created exclusive Dia charms (in which we donate 60% of all proceeds) for Roc City Park, Nepal Earthquake Relief, a dear friend's cancer healing fund, and most recently RYCE: creating a  non-profit restaurant from the ground up with students to promote entrepreneurial skills. We always have & will continue to donate whenever & wherever we are able to, supporting large organizations such as Gilda's Club, GoShoutLove & Adding Candles, to a local school drive.  
We appreciate all the love and support we have received over the last few years! As we grow, we will continue to serve our community, seek out new artists & designers to add to our collections, and as always strive to bring unique products to you.