E&O has gone Bi-Coastal!

Wanderlust is a thing. And Laura's got it bad!

In 2013, Laura moved back to Rochester after living in Barbados for nearly 8 years. It was a move of convenience more than anything. When you don't know where to go you go home, and Rochester is home. In all honesty nobody thought she would be there for 5 years; but it allowed E&O to develop as a company, explore new opportunities and expand the brand. And...they got to be in the same city for the first time in over a decade!!!

 After 5 years in upstate NY, that feeling of itchy feet was too strong to ignore, and after resolving that it just wasn't in the cards to return to Barbados she looked to her next favorite place, Lake Tahoe California. In August Laura, her husband, her daughter, their dog and our namesake Oliver, took a journey across the country to begin their new adventure in Truckee, Ca.. Mary is still holding down the 'hood in Rochacha, and doing just fine... minimal tears were shed!

These last 8 weeks have been ones of change, reflection, redefining, and a lot of facetime!! Mary & Laura have probably talked more in the last couple months than they have in the last 5 years, making sure to conference call several times a week for business, as well as many many "friend phone calls" just to check in on life!

Emerson & Oliver as a brand is all about living your best life and going though change with a little help from your friends. We know that to raise a family as well as run a business takes a village, and are so grateful we don't have to do either alone. Distance has never scared us, neither have major life changes. It is with encouragement from each other that we grow. So fear not, E&O is as rock solid as the day Mary and Laura met in that elementary school bathroom in 1990. (But that is another story for another day!)

Another big leap for our fearless leaders... They have disarmed their private instagram accounts! So, if you'd like to have a closer look into the lives of Mary & Laura... the gates have opened!

Check in on them!! Mary @ mkpresutti //  Laura @ bascomb_werth

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