The story behind... Our ILC collaboration.

I think we were the last thing Marisa Kroll expected to crash into her life... But I think she would agree, we are all better off for it!

"Ok, so there's this girl..." is usually how Mary begins, when she has found somebody she really wants to meet. Me, being slightly skeptical, mildly antisocial, and maybe a bit insecure, tries to hide or becomes selectively deaf to her voice. "...And we have to find her and introduce ourselves." At that point I am usually taken by the hand, and on the hunt for said person we go. In this case, we left our booth at a public market at our first outdoor show (another story entirely, I assure you!) in the hands of our husbands, and were off on a mission. In the time it takes to find Marisa, I am given the back story... "Jewelry designer; article in that magazine you read; beautiful work; need to collaborate". And there we are, in her booth. She is sitting behind a display, sort of hiding...oh no, you cannot hide from us, WE SEE YOU!

And that's when we go in for the kill... "Hi!, we wanted to introduce ourselves we are Emerson & Oliver..." Suddenly the world stops, she looks up, and says, "I've been meaning to find you are everywhere! WHO ARE YOU GUYS!?"

Wait, what?!  Honestly, I don't remember anything after that!

We had our first event together, then another, then another. She designed a charm for us, then another, then another. 

It's an easy fit. We meet for coffee (and cocktails), stop by each other's work spaces, have ongoing group texts where we discuss projects and collaborations (our own, as well as others). Those group texts are a mish-mash of "Need more charms!", "Miss you...Stop by!", "Let's plan an event?" and "Meet for coffee?".

All of us consider ourselves so fortunate to be able to share what we are going through as business owners, artists and women, as well as keeping our professional relationship. Trust your gut (and your best friend), sometimes meeting new people can change your life!

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