Hey Honey Shopping Collection

Obviously this is a club YOU should be a part of because look at you, you’re a BABE, you’re smart, you’re thoughtful, and you love the person who sent this email to you...A LOT. One thing that women love is the small little gifts you give us, so we wanted to make it easy for all you wonderful honeys to show your honey how much you love them. Every month, E&O will send out The Hey Honey Club email (only ONE email a month we PROMISE!) We will showcase one piece of E&O’s collection that we know your honey would LOVE, and get this, WE WILL THEN WRITE THE LOVE NOTE FOR YOU!

Sign Up Here!

Once you receive this month’s email, purchase the HEY HONEY products using the code provided. Not only will you get 15% off those products, you will also receive clear instructions on what to write on the provided note card that comes in the package.