Stainless Dia bracelets with the black pearl and silver tubers.
Gold Dia bracelets with the black pearl and Gold tubers.
Model wearing set of 10 dia stainless bracelets with the silver tube beads and black pearl charm.

Grit & Grace Mini Bundled Dia® Set

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 Our curated Grit & Grace Dia Mini Bundle consists of a set of 10 Dia Bracelets & 2 charm sets!!!

Black Pearl Dia Charm Set: A pearl is made from grit but full of grace, Pearls are symbolic of wisdom gained through experience

Stack tube Dia Charm Set: Not all angels and edges...These tubes stack it up!

Stainless Steel Mini Dia Set:'Being both soft & strong is a combination very few have mastered.' - Y. Mogahed

Gold Mini Dia Set: Meditate on your intentions. Open yourself up to wisdom, wealth, and abundance.

  • 1 set of 10 Stainless Steel or Gold Dia and 2 mini charm-sets
  • 3mm  baroque pearl comes on 1 Dia accompanied by 2 plain Stainless Steel Dia bracelets
  • Stack Tubes are 3 handcrafted aluminum or brass tubes on 3 Stainless Steel Dia bracelets
  • Available in 7", 7½" & 8¼" 

  • *Not intended for children under 12

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