COOL Mixed Metals Dia® Bracelets
A mix of 50 Sterling, Matte Black and Stainless steel Dia Bracelets.
COOL Mixed Metals Dia® Bracelets

COOL Mixed Metals Dia® Bracelets

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In diversity, there is beauty and strength.

  • Each set is made up of a cool mix of our individual stainless steel springs. Our signature stainless steel Dia, plated sterling, & matte black Dia Bracelets
  • sold in sets of 50, 25 or 10
  • size: 7", 7½" & 8¼"
  • The PLATED stainless steel will not rust but will fade with wear and/or water.
  • Because Dia are springs, they will stretch & rebound to an extent but WILL lose shape if pulled with force. Please be gentle while taking bracelets on & off. Roll on a few at a time!
The name "Dia" was taken from the greek word meaning “through”. 
 We do not get "over" things in our lives, we go "through" them. Dia bracelets are jewelry that can be worn through anything life presents you with.

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