Close up of heart and soul bundle. Silver cut out hearts and white pearl charm with a set of 10 dia bracelets

Heart and Soul Bundled Dia® Set

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 Our curated Heart & Soul Dia Bundle is 10 Dia Bracelets & 2 Dia charms packaged as a set!!!

White Pearl Dia Charm Set: A pearl is made from grit but full of grace, Pearls are symbolic of wisdom gained through experience

Cut out Heart Dia Charm Set: The heart is the center of emotion, affection & love. 

Stainless Steel Mini Dia Set:'Being both soft & strong is a combination very few have mastered.' - Y. Mogahed

  • Set of 10 Stainless Steel Dia and 2 mini charm-sets
  • Pearl charm: silver wire with 3mm baroque pearl
  • Cut out heart charms: 6mm antique silver charm 
  • Available in 7", 7½" & 8¼" 

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