Inner Peace Bundled Dia® Set

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Dia Size

 Our curated Inner Peace Dia Bundle is 10 Dia Bracelets & 2 Dia charms packaged as a set!!!

Leaf Dia Charm: “Like a leaf in the wind, let yourself dance to your own inner voice”. 

Tortoiseshell Magatama Dia Charm: Magatama cuts the flow of misfortune and breaks through limits providing energy and passion. 

Mixed Metal Mini Dia: In diversity, there is beauty and strength. Each set is made up of individual stainless steel springs & plated stainless steel springs (rose gold/sterling/gold/matte black)

  • 1 set of 10 Mixed Metal and 2 charms
  • (3) 7mm magatama beads in  tortoise color 
  • Leaf charm: 1cm charm Antique silver
  • Charmed Dia come on 1 Dia Stainless Steel Dia bracelet
  • Available in 7", 7½" & 8¼" 

  • *Not intended for children under 12

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