Stick Candles


These tall elegant sticks have the presence to highlight any setting, and are equally suited to both rustic and modern decor.  Whether you use them for dining, a bit of whimsy or a pop of color, these beauties present well in pairs, groupings, or as a singleton. 

MAPLE is cast from a section of branch with mature and immature nodes and smooth bark. This cutting is a favorite for its strong stick shape and versatility.
15" Tall  ~ 14  Hour Burn Time

HICKORY is cast from a section of developing stalk with some full branches, but mostly new branch nodes. The bark is smooth, with primary and mature detail. Although this stick has less-pronounced protrusions, it has more than any of the other styles. Hickory is loved for its size and presence, and also for its “woodsy” rustic feel. 
18" Tall ~ 17  Hour Burn Time

HEMLOCK is cast from a mature branch covered in rough bark. The texture of this stick shows off well in any color. Large and small branchlet protrusions are distributed along the length of the cutting on all sides, providing interest from any angle. It's definitely the most "Rustic" of the bunch. The big, bold flame casts an extra - generous circle of bright light ! 
18" Tall  ~  18 Hour Burn Time


Each Stick Candle is 100% Beeswax, small batch candles, handmade in the Adirondack mountains of Upstate NY.

Sold in Pairs.
Universal base fits 5/8"-1" receptacle

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