Attitude & Effort

Growing up,  I was taught to work hard, give 100% and lead by example. Looking back on my life, I know that there are moments where I fell short, and some of those instances still haunt me. 

As adults, we have realized that our attitude and our effort are 100% ours to control & all eyes are on us. Our children, husbands, family, employees are all watching. If we do not put in the effort, or show up with a positive attitude, why should they? We pride ourselves on knowing that we have done every job that each of our employees does. E&O used to be a two-woman operation (with some help from our husbands, here and there).  We aren’t afraid to get on the ground and assemble shelves, or take bins of assembly and production home to do over a weekend. This is our company and if we aren’t going to show up for it, who will?

These are also the biggest assets in our employees, their attitude and effort. No matter what, you can’t blame anybody else if yours falls short. As leaders we recognize that we all have a bad day sometimes... but, you leave it at the door. You take control, you pivot, you redirect and you give it 100%. And some days that pivot means to not do work, go home and take care of yourself!

The world is a tough place right now, and it’s easy to get weighed down by it all.  If it is too overwhelming, try to make your world smaller. Look at what you CAN control: YOU. CHOOSE how you want to react - Attitude. CHOOSE how much you want to give - Effort. And then choose what deserves your effort and attitude. Sometimes the best thing you can do is nothing. 

Today, I gave about 97% effort to my work. Not everything was checked off my to-do list. But, a lot of big things were, and tomorrow is a new day, so I am pretty happy about that!

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