Dia Care

Our Dia bracelets are stainless steel. They will not tarnish or rust. You may swim in a pool, ocean, sea, river, lake, stream, bog, canal, puddle!  Put your sunscreen on with them, (although they do a GREAT job of blocking the sun! Laura has a permanent Dia tan line from Barbados)!  Workout in them, break a sweat! Cleanup in them, shower, wash the dishes, the kids, the dog! (Any cleanser you throw at them they can handle!)

Now, the gold & black dia are plated, so they will fade with wear and water... So we do suggest being a bit more careful with these guys! Although we do love the way the Blackwash looks with a bit of wear... So be a rebel! Wear them all the time also!!

The only way to damage your Dia is to pull too hard & yank them out of shape!
If they pop open, you can simply twist them back together! (Or, just email us!)