Dia Care

Our Stainless Steel DIA bracelets are stainless steel. They will not tarnish or rust. You may swim in a pool, ocean, sea, river, lake, stream, bog, canal, puddle!  Put your sunscreen on with them, workout in them, break a sweat! Cleanup in them, shower, wash the dishes, the kids, the dog! (Any cleanser you throw at them they can handle!)
Now, the Sterling, Rose Gold, Gold & Matte Black DIA are plated, so although they will not rust, they will fade with wear and water or oils from your skin may affect their color... So we do suggest being a bit more careful with these guys! We do love the way the Matte Black looks with a bit of wear... So be a rebel! Wear them all the time also!!
The only way to really damage your DIA is to pull too hard & yank them out of shape! Our Dia ARE springs, but will only stretch to an extent.
If they pop open, you can simply twist them back together!
Or, just email us at: popgoesthedia@emersonandoliver.com