Beautiful minds inspire others.


You know that feeling when you are around a funny person, and you feel the funniest you have ever been?! WE LOVE THAT!

Mary & I have grown up with “outside of the box” thinkers. Mary's mother is a combination of MacGyver & Martha Stewart and her cousin, Steven Connell, is an inspiring spoken word poet (who performed at both our weddings!). My grandmother was a painter and my husband is a Printmaker & avid art collector.

As adults, we actively seek out people who inspire us. We have met (aka. forced ourselves upon) so many wonderful people, from Barbados to LA: artists, activists, musicians, jewelers, designers, boutique owners, even flip-flop makers!!!  Being in the presence of smart, funny, talented, people INSPIRE us to be smarter, funnier, more creative people.

Being inspired is what keeps us going. From art exhibitions & live music, to TikTok & Instagram, there are beautiful minds all around us.

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