Believe in yourself...

Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable

Oftentimes people ask us: How did you learn to run a company?

Our short answer is: We knew we could do it together, whatever one didn’t know, the other usually would.

When Mary & I first started E&O we did EVERYTHING ourselves. We had a “System” that one of us would do something as far as they could, and when they didn’t know how to do it from there we would “tag” the other one in, and more often than not we could figure it out from there. Whether it was Quickbooks, or product line sheets, having another brain that understood your own and could jump right in is pretty amazing!

To this day, we still do this with photoshop! I will call Mary from across the country and ask: What’s that tool I use to do that thing?! And I know she knows!

In all seriousness, we have learned SO MUCH, about ourselves, each other, our strengths, weaknesses, and how to ask for help and accept that we DO NOT know everything. This is why we have an amazing team at E&O… yes, TEAM. We really do all work together, sometimes more successfully than others, but that is the culture and structure that we have built E&O on. Teamwork really does make the dream work!

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