Coffee or Tea?


As a teenager I drank coffee because I thought it was cool. Black, no cream, no sugar. But, if I am completely honest, I hated the taste. I then got a job at a pre-Starbucks coffee shop, and was introduced to a frappuccino-style drink, which just solidified that I didn't actually “LIKE” coffee. I LIKED the cream and sugar and all the things you DO to coffee to make coffee taste delicious. So then I went to tea. Tea is simple and delicious all on its own, hot or cold. In my 30’s, I realized that I actually liked the taste of coffee. No cream, no sugar, just coffee! 

 Currently, I drink coffee some days and tea some days. And some days, I do both! But I don't actually have "a drink". When Mary asks me what I want, there is a moment of complete panic. And don't even put me in a Starbucks drive-thru. Mary will confidently order her drink, while I am still scanning the menu franticly trying to assess my mood, the temperature outside, and what size is a venti! So, give me a minute already.


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