Let's go!

Let me start this one, by saying… There is no PRE or POST -PANDEMIC mentality in answering this question. I have ALWAYS had this mentality on travel. Big thank you to mom,  dad and an adventurous life partner.

I will go ANYWHERE! Honestly, there are very few exceptions. As a child I was able to travel quite a bit. My parents would take my sister and I on road trips, and tack us on to the end of business travel regularly. Mary’s family also took road trips and countless summers in the Adirondack mountains, a tradition she still has today.

When my sister left for college, my mother would take Mary and I to a different place in Florida every year for February break. My mother is a sun worshipper and loathes a ski vacation. So we would sit on the beach and do adventure days. We did a day-trip to the Everglades that scared her so much she sat in the car while Mar & I took in “Big Joe’s Alligator Show”!

Mary & I both subscribe to the mentality that there are adventures to be had everywhere. Even in our own backyards (where we spent ALOT of time as children). When Mar got her driver's-license, we would play rock, scissors, paper when we got to a stop sign/turn/off-ramp. We got lost A LOT, but also found some cool places and saw things we would've missed otherwise.

Both mine and Mary’s children have had passports since they were babies... Mary would come to Barbados to visit me every year and after we all had children, they would come too! Baby Emerson & baby Oliver met each other for the first time, on a beach!

Whether you are going on a drive or a road trip or a round-the-world trip, taking that time to pause and appreciate  a new place is what it is all about.  Even if it is the WORST place or trip ever, it’s still something somewhere, and will 100% make for a funny story later!

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  • Michelle

    I want desperately to visit Greece!!

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