Keep Going

Handwritten words saying Keep Going

I can’t help but think of Dory with this quote. “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

When I was a young girl, my mother and I would drive to Cleveland Ohio to visit my grandparents pretty often. When we would set out, my mom would say: “ok, look for that big water tower in Buffalo”, then after the water tower, she would say, “now we are living for Erie, Pennsylvania” next destination was the “Bob’s Big Boy”, and we were home free!

I’ve used that approach in almost everything in my life. Small victories. Sometimes looking at the big picture or the finish line is just too vast. Mary & I ran track in Jr.High & High School together. She was always a great runner, while I looked at running as a punishment. So, I would live for that next street, the big tree, the railroad tracks, and tar-path that led back up to the school. Somehow tricking myself into thinking that it was a bunch of shorter distances made the long haul easier.

We have used the same approach in business, every-time we thought, “is this it?”, something tells us to keep going. We very easily could have given up on E&O a hundred times through the years, but we just keep going… too curious to see what that next twist or turn holds!

Sometimes you just have to keep swimming!

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