Maybe Swearing will help....

Maybe swearing will help.

As children, I NEVER heard Mary’s mother swear. Ever. 

My mother would curse under her breath and hold a looooooonnnnnggggg F, before muttering the -uck. It always made me smile. Still does.

Mary is very good about her swearing. She is very childproof and is mindful of her company when using swear words. Sometimes I egg her on and say, “Be angry! Swear!” 

I, on the other hand, have a mouth. Swearing ALWAYS helps. I’ve been known to drop an F-bomb at a PTA meeting. And Mary ALWAYS hollers at me: “Laura, Kids!”. As if my ch\ildren have never heard it before!!  As a child my mother forbid swearing, we were not allowed to even say  “fart” or “crap”. So, my potty mouth has to be a direct reaction to the forbidden, a rebellion,  and all my mothers’ fault as most things are! 

Try it out… That long slow swear. I think it just may help!

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