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Handwritten words saying: What is your favorite movie quote?

When Mary and I were little, back in the 1900’s, we would go to Wegmans Video and rent VHS tapes, then to Blockbuster Video to rent DVD’s. We would watch movies over and over until we knew every word, and nobody wanted to watch them with us.

There were rules for movie night. We usually rented 3 movies, at least 1 had to be a new movie, and we had to FINISH it. We were allowed to turn it off to watch something else, but we had to finish it before we returned it. There were some BAD movies, and we watched them all.

In grade school, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with Kristie Swanson, probably topped the film quotes list. So many good lines. “Does Elvis talk to you? Does he tell you to do things? Do you see spots?” “Get out of my facial!” “I’m here for ya Ralph.” If you only know the SMG Buffy, expand your mind. The OG Buffy cast is killer: Donald Sutherland, Luke Perry, Hilary Swank, David Arquette & Paul Reubens!!!

Empire Records was a high school favorite. We WORSHIPPED Liv Tyler (yeah, well...we still do!). Great soundtrack, great theme: “Damn the Man, Save the Empire!”. I wanted to shave my head just like Robin Tunney’s character, although my mother would have probably disowned me. Our favorite quote was: “I do not regret the things I’ve done, but those I did not do”, we would randomly yell "OR-ANGE!" and of course: “My name’s not F***ing Warren.” Classic.

Post High-School, Moulin Rouge was our FAVORITE movie. We saw it in the theater multiple times, would drive around town in my Jeep with the top down, singing the soundtrack at the TOP of our lungs. Elephant Love Medley is a compilation of the best love song lyrics ever. Which is basically a quote, right? 

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