Night Owl or Morning Person?

I am a night owl 100%. I like to stay up late and love my morning lie in’s! Whereas Mary likes to go to sleep early and wake up early. She says she turns into a pumpkin at 9pm.

As I write this it is 12:32 am. I have always been a night owl. When we were kids I would make Mary stay awake with me and watch movies, or go exploring in the dark or take a swim at 2 am! I have also always been overly optimistic about my abilities to maximize my 24hours! Nowadays, I will work well into the evenings, or just stay up to be alone, watching a movie or reading. 

Mary is a morning person. She would wake up for school, choose her outfits, shower, do her hair, eat a real breakfast. She wakes up to the alarm clock on the first buzz and gets her day going. She is usually working well before I am even out of my REM sleep!

In our working relationship, this proves to be a bit difficult, especially living in different time zones. But, like any relationship, there is compromise! When I moved, we discussed this extensively. We try to set all calls and meetings at reasonable times for both our lifestyles and schedules.  Mary “waits” for me to wake up, after 8am PST and I “try” not to text, email or call after 6pm EST!

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