See the good.

handwritten words: see the good

My Grandmother used to say: If you don't have anything nice to say, tell them they have nice elbows. That's ridiculous. But also funny, right?

Through the last 30 years, Mary and I have met a lot of people. Mary is very good at seeing the good in EVERYBODY. I have a very good gut instinct on people's negative attributes, and often make my mind up, very quickly based on that feeling (and am usually right). Sometimes these two things conflict, but she usually convinces me that there is something good in there, even if it is not their character!

Through life, we have trained ourselves to see the good in all things. You have to work at it, and sometimes it is hard. But, the lessons we learn from something going wrong, we will keep forever or a story about how bad something was, can be so funny… later.

Even on a rainy day there’s a rainbow!

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