Goals come in all shapes and sizes. There are big shiny ones, and there are little tiny ones. Sometimes we have short term goals, in between those ongoing long term goals. And some days, the goal is just to not jump back into bed!

Goals, no matter the size are exciting, and scary and the unknowns on your way to the end is sometimes the most fun! Every day is a new adventure. Setting both big and small goals for that day makes every goal attainable and every day an accomplishment.

The big long term goals are like a block of ice...every day you chisel off a little bit more. We keep a lot of checklists at E&O.  I NEVER delete or erase anything, just cross it off. That way, we can see how much closer to our goal we are and how much we have accomplished!

I heard once that if you make your bed every morning you have already accomplished something before you have even begun your day. I liked that. I made it a goal to make my bed every day, because it feels like an easy win. And starting your day with an easy win is great!!!

So, jump out of bed, pull those covers up, and start chipping that block of ice!

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