Surf or Paddle board?

handwritten words: Surf or paddle board?

Paddle Boarding wins this one!

During my Barbados years, I kite-boarded, surfed & paddle-boarded. 

Kiteboarding was a mix of adrenaline and stress for me. Paying attention to your surroundings and the wind and your kite and your lines and your board. Fun… But, too much to keep track of!

Then I became a surfer. Paddle paddle paddle paddle… ride a wave, WAHOOOO!  And then paddle paddle paddle paddle, back to the line up. LOTS of work and too little reward for me. 

After I had my babies, I really just wanted to get AWAY from people! So, I opted for paddle boarding. I could go out on my own, sit down, stand up, ride a wave or two, and be away from EVERYBODY! Sometimes I would take a baby with me...They would sit on the nose of my board in their little life jacket and watch the sea turtles. To me, Paddle boarding is about just being out on the water, alone with my thoughts, engaging my core, and watching the shore go by.

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