Meanings & Situations.

Handwritten words: What meaning am i giving this situation?

Shit can get real, really fast. But how you respond is what is most important. Communication is everything, and in a digital world, a lot can get lost in translation. There are a lot of ways to interpret comments, reactions and emojis.

A tool that we use at Emerson & Oliver is this…

Before you react, ask yourself “What meaning am I giving this situation?

What that means is: Did I project MY feelings onto this, and why?

It is VERY easy to “read into something”. Nowadays, working remotely through texts and emails, tone is very hard to decipher. Mary & I use A LOT of emojis. 

My favorite emoji is: 😬 What I mean when I use this emoji is, similar to dipping my toe in and testing the waters: “Sorry to bother you, but…” or “eek!” or “ya think?”, but not to be confused with: 🤷🏼‍♀️. Which generally means “ya know what I’m sayin’?”, but can also mean “WTF?”

See where I am going with this?!

We have realized, I generally type without Exclamation Points!!!!! So I need to use a lot of those!!!! To show how happy and excited I am!!! Or at the very least to show I am not angry. I do this because then my meaning is clear… ish.☺️

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