Whiskey in a teacup

"Soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered."

This is our “official” quote for Emerson & Oliver but if it were up to me… “Whiskey in a teacup” may be our new unofficial motto. We are feisty, fiery and strong, no matter what you see on the outside.

As a young girl, my mother always tried to make me “act like a lady” and “dress like a lady”, but I was a tom-boy. I would inevitably get my Polly Flinders dress filthy and my Mary Janes scuffed (if you know, you know)! I had an alter-ego named “Rotten-Ralph”, and the nickname “Sweet Laura”.  And, God only knew which one was going to show up to the party!

As I got older I realized that I got away with "Rotten Ralph" because I coupled it with "Sweet Laura". I have learned most women I know already know this, although not everybody has names for their alter ego's (Beyoncé does have Sasha Fierce...Just sayin'). You know the look, the smirk, the eyebrow… that makes you say, “oh, where did that just come from?! She is fearless!”  We all have a little of that in us!

Our Dia are also like whisky in a teacup, I mean, gold plated steel?! They are truly both soft on the outside and strong on the inside. Dia takes you from day to night, beach to black tie. These bracelets have been staples in Mary and my lives, from rock concerts to our beach days in Barbados, carpool jeans and charity event gowns. 

Keep that fiery spirit, don’t let anybody put you out.  And if you don’t have a teacup, just drink from the bottle!

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