Alexia Morrison


Meet Alexia - Executive Director of Reach St.Pete

Her Story: 

I've gone through making something out of myself with a parent who was addicted to drugs, and a parent who was abusive. After a family showed up for me and took me into their home showing me love and support it changed the trajectory of my life. I later started a nonprofit called Reach St.Pete to change the trajectory of others lives.

As a person who experienced homelessness who now helps those experiencing homelessness and/or low-income situations I hope that it encourages others to take the things of their past that hurt them and turn them around to use that same trial, trauma, or tribulation to help heal others.

I want to pave a new way for young female nonprofit leaders, to not be scared off by an industry who is run by those who may be older, wiser, and more experienced. This industry needs young minds to be innovative and change the way we help those in need.

"What about your story challenges other people's expectations?"

My life growing up should have led me down a different path but with God I overcame trials and created my own success while giving back to others. I've fundraised over $300,000 in the last year and half with no grant writing experience, no degree in nonprofit administration and have continued to challenge the norm of what a nonprofit leader can look like.

"What is something you are actively going through?"

I am actively going through navigating the nonprofit/business world as a 26 year old female Executive Director when most are above the age of 50+ and business aspects of nonprofits are handled by predominately males.

"Who motivates you most?"

My siblings. I want to show them that no matter the circumstances you can still make something out of what you went through.

"Tell us your '&'!"

Executive Director

Asian, American-Female

Nicki Minaj fan

Lover of all things cozy




Want to stay connected or support Alexia's work with Reach St.Pete? Connect with her on Instagram at @lexisuemorrison + @reachstpete.


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