Ame Damaso


Meet Ame - Health & Wellness Coach, Sister to Laura Bascomb & Active Foodie

Her Story: 

After losing my dad to a very quick fight with cancer in 2014, I began to reflect on my own health and how food made me feel. I had dealt with gut issues most of my life and never had an answer to why my stomach always hurt after I ate.

I turned to alternative practitioners like acupuncture and functional medicine practitioners who look at the root cause of dis-ease. One of them suggested I cut out gluten for a couple of weeks and see how I felt. At that point, I didn't know what gluten was or how it could be affecting me.

After about five days without gluten, I no longer had a stomach ache after eating. This seemed revolutionary to me. And frustrated me that for decades my doctors would prescribe me pill after pill instead of telling me to make a small dietary change. Shortly after, I began working with a Functional Medicine practitioner who gave me a gluten sensitivity test and confirmed what we thought. I was very sensitive to gluten.

This experience has been the premise for Eating with Ame.

As a health coach, I help clients make small lifestyle changes to better their overall health. Whether it is figuring out a food sensitivity, losing weight, managing stress, or just living a healthier lifestyle I am here to provide support, guidance, and resources along the way.

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