Benja Stig Fagerland


Meet Benja - Award winning global Diversity Pioneer, mum of 3 daughters & founder of SHEconomy® 

Her Story: 

Benja, Stig Fagerland has led on to become an award winning international expert on diversity and SHEconomy®️, which is also the title of her recently published book.

Fagerland has received several international awards and recognition for her work, and has amongst other things, been recognised by EIGE, an EU agency, as one of the ‘Women Inspiring Europe’,- further receiving the European Diversity Award ‘Highly Commended’, under the category: ‘Campaigner Of The Year’.

In Norway, she is amongst other things know for being the woman behind NHOs Female Future Project. She is a sought-after international Speaker, Author and Assistant Professor and is a member of the Niels Brock Copenhagen Executive MBA Advisory Board.

She is a respected media commentator, who is often cited by prestige media outlets and debater, who is often cited by prestige media outlets, such as: The Guardian, Der Spiegel, The New York Times, BBC World, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Independent, International Herald Tribune, Le Figaro, ABC News and Australian Broadcasting- and many more. 

"What is something you are actively going through?"

Fighting for gender equality and on a personal level continues harassment and threats from aggressive people that wants to fight against my SHEconomy work. Harassment on sms, at my door, emails etc.

 "What is SHEconomy®?"

SHEconomy's mission is to bring about change by addressing the gender gap, unconscious biases and gender stereotypes, both internally within organizations and in the public square, politics and marketplace. This is what we call to accelerate SHEconomy.

"What's something you focus on?"

You only have what you give. I focus on that and keep giving. Because through lifting others we lift our self.

"Who inspires you most?" 

Michelle Obama - when they go low, we go high. My Danish Queen and my mum (80).

"Tell us your '&'!"

Brave, strong, resilient, a “WE person” & endless FLAWSOME (keep failing but get up every time)


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