Corinne Angelica

Meet Corinne - Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Her Story: 

I was a Spanish & ENL teacher at an amazing public school for 9 years but knew it wasn't the path I was meant to be on. I always knew I was going to leave and run my own Holistic Nutrition business but I didn't know how I would ever make it a reality.

While teaching, I started my Holistic Nutrition side hustle but never found enough time to really grow it to a sustainable business. Until the pandemic hit.

I was teaching from home and had a lot more time to dedicate to my business. So I hired a business coach & got after it.

I told myself that if the business grew big enough where I was able to support myself without my teaching salary, I would leave. And it did.

It was the easiest decision I've ever made, but also the hardest thing I've ever done. I left a steady income, a pension and benefits at an incredible school district, with colleagues I loved, during a global pandemic.

I cried every day for months and spent many nights crying to my boyfriend asking him if I would really be able to this.

But I went through that difficult time because I knew my purpose was to teach women how they can change their reality but balancing their hormones & improving their overall health using nutrition, mindset & lifestyle.

I knew that I would be doing a disservice to every single woman who needed this information if I went back to teaching.

I also knew I would be doing myself & my students a disservice if I stayed because my heart wasn't in it.

I will forever be proud of the woman that walked into her principal's office, scared out her mind and resigned for her greater cause & purpose.

"What are you currently working through?"

Currently I'm working on breaking through past belief systems and learning to become the best leader I can be so I can make the biggest impact and scale my business to a whole new level. Going from teacher to entrepreneur is a whole new ball game! I'm working on growing my business while also staying consistent with my health & my priorities so I can avoid burnout & show up as best I can to my family, friends & clients.

"What about your story challenges the norm?"

My story challenges the norm of staying in a comfy, secure job to do something risky & unpredictable. I also have PCOS and was misdiagnosed for YEARS without it. I was told everything was normal (even though I had no period, migraines, IBS, facial hair & acne/skin rashes) and to just go on birth control. I knew that wasn't what I wanted to do so instead I researched on my own, went back to school and reversed all my symptoms & am now thriving with PCOS without any medication. This is why I dedicate myself to helping other people do the same (whether it's PCOS, endometriosis, or any hormonal imbalances).

When I was struggling with irregular periods (which turned into 2 full years without one period) facial hair growth, migraines & IBS I thought I was the only person on the planet struggling with this.

I thought that all these "random" problems were isolated. I had no idea they were all connected & coming from 1 root cause.

My gyno told me I only needed to have 3 periods a year and that my blood work was normal so not to worry.

I felt crazy, unseen, unheard & super confused.

Thankfully something in me told me to say no thank you to the birth control and to figure out what was actually going on.

I am building a company that shines light on all of these "random" symptoms womxn experience so they know 1. They're not alone 2. They're not normal 3. That there's a root cause of it all and 4. How to naturally heal it without medication or deprivation.

Being able to do this work is my greatest gift.

"Who motivates you most?"

Every womxn who thinks that suffering or medication is her only option. Unfortunately, doctors are not educated on nutrition/lifestyle & hormone health. So when womxn describe their symptoms, they're made to feel crazy & told to just go on the pill (or other medications). This is dismissing womxn, not getting to the root cause of the problem and hindering womxn from being the best version of themselves. This is what motivates me every day. As well as my family & future children. I am on a mission to change the generational future of womxn's health.

"Tell us your '&'!"

Outgoing & an introvert/homebody. Meditator & dancer. Kind & sassy. Beach goer & tea lover. Leader & forever learner.


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