Heather Fortman


Meet Heather - Fitness Instructor, Trainer, Motivator, Leader, Movement Specialist, Determined, Strong Willed, Educator, Passionate

Her Story: 

I am most proud of the career I am creating for myself!

I grew up as a dancer, I thought my career would revolve around dance specifically but has definitely transformed in the best way!

I danced my entire life, all styles! I was also a competitive gymnast which quickly turned into coaching gymnastics for kids to the competitive team. Later opening and operating my own dance studio, offering dance of all forms for all ages. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance and moved onto dance professionally for different companies, music videos, tv commercials as well as taking contracts that move me across the world. After a fairly severe injury, I was shown the benefits of Pilates and how it would help me strengthen muscles and hopefully get back to where I was prior to the injury. While learning Pilates, I found a new passion for the fitness world and how it can help rehabilitate people and make them feel strong. From there I decided to get my Pilates certification, and started teaching! Next came Barre, usually my vast past dance experience and new knowledge of Pilates it was an easy fit.

The transition from dance into the fitness community was an easy fix, it's the best of both worlds. I am confident that I have found my passion, I LOVE working with people, I LOVE leading a workout, showing them how strong they really are, helping them learn something new, and helping them realize that working out can be FUN!!!

"What is something you are actively going through?"

I think as adults we are constantly learning and evolving, both personally and professionally!

Personally it is our responsibility to continue to educate ourselves within the community, through diversity. Especially lately, as someone who is a leader in the fitness community, I find it very important to learn and unlearn many things that have been passed down as acceptable behavior. Educating myself and fellow employees on how to add diversity into the fitness community while learning anti racist teachings to help myself and my company grow.

Professionally I am continuing to educate through courses and certifications! I want to be knowledgeable to my clients and have the science behind the work available for them! As well as promoting the fitness as being attainable my anyone. Fitness can be scary and intimidating and my goal and continued goal is to make is accessible to EVERYONE!!! To the every day person, to the athlete, it shouldn't matter! Let's come together and feel good about ourselves!!!

Prioritize your own growth. Period! So often we confine. Ourself, others, the expectation of the world and yet its not based on the true and beautiful but on the set on standards society has subconsciously directed toward us.

You aren't here to please others or uphold THIER expectation of how you should be. Never apologize for showing up as yourself!

"How are you challenging the norm?"

My goal is to make the fitness community accessible to EVERYONE! From the every day person to the athlete we should be able to come together and support each other to become our best selves! I want to be the support system that so many need, my clients are some of the strongest people I know and if I can help them escape for even a half an hour to get a workout in, then I am happy! As a fitness professional too often others give off the expectation of what it is to be involved within the community. I love breaking down those walls, everyone can in my classes, every body deserves to be there! Its' not always easy but it is always worth it!!!

Start now. Even if it's only for 2 min, 5 min, or 10. Bit by bit, little by little, growth and evolution happen slowly. It is the immediate satisfaction we often gain from things like social media? No, but things that spark fast, burn out FASTER!



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