Jaco Galal

Meet Jaco - Egyptian, Analyst, Foodie, Fitness Enthusiast, Soccer Player/Coach & Community builder

Her Story: 

8 years ago, I moved to the US from Cairo, Egypt with my family. Moving to a new country as a 21 year old wasn't the easiest thing. I basically had to restart my life.

But two years in, after we settled, my family had to move back to Egypt and I made a very hard decision to stay back by myself and explore the opportunities I have here in the US. As painful as it was (and still is sometimes), I am STILL proud of that moment of standing up for myself and for my future. Living by myself and navigating adulthood has been quiet interesting :D but I always chose to show up and not to give up. I have built resilience because of that. and Every time I show up, the right doors open for me and the right people surround me.

"What is something you are actively going through?"

I constantly battle self-doubt and anxiety of whether I am good enough or if I am in the right place

"Who motivates you most?"

I am motivated by an internal feeling of wanting to be the best version of myself. We are a work in progress and I can only move forward :)

I am also motivated by my friends who are on the same journey of growing and that challenge me. I don't have one role model, but I am always inspired when I hear other people's success stories, so I tend to look up people and read what they have done. It usually pushes me to go keep up!


"What's something about your story that challenges the norm?"

The fact that I am 29 year old single woman, who lives in NJ, pursuing my career and passions while all my family lives back in Egypt. I can't tell you how many times I was asked to move back and get married. LOL!!

"What's something you're currently proud of?"

After a hard year 2020, I decided I need a big shift in 2021. I decided to focus on my holistic health. In order to start this journey, I decided to do a challenge called 75hard, which is a mental toughness challenge.

For 75 days I have to drink 1 Gallon of water, read 10 pages of a non-fiction book, complete two 45-min workouts + no cheat meals or alcohol. EVERY SINGLE DAY. If you fail one rule for one day, you have to start over. 

I am proud to say that I am on day 55!! I can see the finish line!

This has been HARD, but gosh I can already see the shift in my habits, lifestyle. Putting yourself first is a non-negotiable and helps you show up better for others as well. Unfortunately I had to learn it the hard way like that haha, but I am excited to share my journey with a lot of people when I complete it.


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