Kahindo Mateene

Meet Kahindo - founder and creative visionary behind her namesake brand KAHINDO.

Her Story: 

By the Grace of God I survived losing not 1 parent but both parents before the age of 20. It was the most difficult time, but God got me through it, and even though my parents are no longer here with me, I truly believe that they are my guiding Angels in Heaven.

My parents who both inspired me to pursue an education and my dreams. The women in Congo who want to be able to earn a fair living wage and have sustainable jobs so they can support their families.

"What is something you are actively going through?"

Pursuing success in my business. 2020 was difficult for everyone, and getting laid off from my day job, the primary source of income for my business, was at first scary and stressful. However it led me to focus 110% on my business, ane because of that I was able to grow it. It is still difficult as a self-funded business, but I keep on going because it is bigger than just me. Reaching success and building my company would mean sustainable jobs for women back home in Africa, so I relentlessly pursue it every day.

"What about your story challenges the norm?"

As a black, female, immigrant founder of a sustainable and ethical fashion brand, I have a lot stacked up against me; but through it and because of the mission of my brand, I strive to be the best I can be. I am creating bold, colorful vibrant pieces in a space that identifies sustainable fashion as muted tones and boxy shapes.

"Tell us your '&'!"

I am a passionate person, who loves to travel and dance. I am proud to be God-fearing. I am African and proud to be Congolese.

Bonus Fun Fact!!

Kahindo was selected to compete on Project Runway Season 12.



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