LaTisha Rodríguez

Meet Latisha - Mommy, Wife, Sister, Auntie, Friend, Daughter, Speech-Language Pathologist, PTA President & Wonder Woman

Her Story: 

I move “through” every moment of life in pursuit of making a positive and meaningful difference in the day of those I know and meet. I work hard, play hard and laugh hard!

I am a full-time mommy of three little ones, a full-time speech-language pathologist in public schools, a full-time wife, a full-time friend and a full-time Wonder Woman. I do my best to set positive examples for my children and inspire them through my volunteer work and my dedication to all I do. I stay grounded by giving back, working hard and setting high expectations for myself, my family and my students.

I know the importance of balance while still giving it my all!

"What about your story challenge's the world's expectations of you?"

I say “yes,” I show up, I motivate others to be their best and I work tirelessly to ensure others know their worth and abilities - whether it’s my children, my husband, my parents, my friends, my students, my workout buddies, my colleagues or people I meet on the street.


Inspired by LaTisha's story & all that she manages to juggle with grace! Leave her a comment below to connect.

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