Laura Hashem


Meet Laura Hashem - Personal trainer helping others find their confidence & live their happiest lives through strength!

Her Story:

When you hear the word "scoliosis," you most likely don't think "powerlifter". But here I am, after wearing a back brace as a teenager in an attempt to halt the progression of my 29-degree curve, to training to break records and be the strongest I can be. My passion for training runs deep and I 100% believe that the strength I've built has been the main reason why I've continued to feel healthy and pain free with the presence of my curve. I currently hold an amateur world record for the deadlift in my weight class and I've got so many other goals I'm working to achieve! :) But, more importantly, I love using my story as a means to inspire others to believe that they can accomplish ANYTHING...and that I will always be their #1 motivator/cheerleader/fan along the way.

For me, confidence and happiness go hand in hand, and it is my greatest passion to show others how amazing it feels to accomplish something they never thought they could. I hope to continue to progress as a trainer and positively affect as many lives as possible. And aside from that, I truly believe in the power of positivity, and that being a nice person is the best thing you can be. I'm an optimistic, animated, and very high energy gal - and just like everyone, I've experienced lots of things, but they've shaped me to be the woman I am today. I believe life is meant to be lived, and that there is nothing more important than being kind. My personal mantra is "strong is an attitude," and think this statement applies to every aspect of life.

"What are you actively going through?"

Honestly - I think we are ALL going through things x1000 with the year we've had. Life has been totally different and it's tough to navigate living in the present while looking forward to what will eventually come. However, one of my greatest strengths lies in my ability to lift others up, encourage them, and cheer them on in any endeavor they may take. Specifically, I've leaned into my role as a personal trainer, helping my clients see that they are capable of anything. And while we may literally be working on physical strength during our training sessions, the physical carries over into being stronger in every aspect of life.

"What about your story is challenging the status quo or other people's expectations of you?"

I'm working on breaking any stereotypes around what it means to be "strong"! I'm a 5'4", 56kg woman with a hella crooked spine who can pick up 3 times her bodyweight. When it comes to being strong, what's most important is what's in your head and what's in your heart. Size, gender identity, ethnicity, age, race, religion - none of that matters! Strength doesn't discriminate and strength is for everyone. There's still this awful misconception that you have to act or look a certain way to be strong, and I love shattering that expectation.

"What motivates you most?"

Helping others realize that they are truly capable of anything, and showing them how good it feels to be strong (and when I say "strong," I don't mean you literally have to be capable of moving 10000 pounds - I'm talking about the strength that allows us to feel our best and be our happiest, healthiest, and most confident selves). I always tell my clients that their achievements are 100% their own doing; I'm just here to remind them that they are capable, and guide them along the way.

"Tell us your '&'!"

Coach. Stronglady. Goofball. High-octane!



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