Lauren Powell

Meet Lauren - Writer behind The Weekendly, a newsletter meant to inspire more joy every day, not just on Saturdays and Sundays; by way of intentional self development.

Her Story: 

At the risk of going all therapy on you and bringing up my childhood, I will say I felt very lonely growing up, peer wise. I had low self esteem, some typical mean girls friendship problems, and just a feeling of being an outsider. I attended 5 schools before 8th grade and always being the new girl, trying to make friends with established groups - as an introvert, it wasn’t easy. It’s taken me a long time to recognize the impact this had on me, but I’ve been working so hard in my 20s to learn how to let people in, let my guard down, and allow myself to be fully seen. It’s not always easy but it is always worth it.

"What about your story is challenging the norm?"

I have had a privileged upbringing and appear very conventionally successful (and I’m so grateful to my parents and aware of the opportunities afforded me). Appearances are not the whole story, though. I struggle with severe anxiety; I’ve had depression; I’ve struggled with harmful coping mechanisms. I’ve overcome a lot of internal battles that I don’t think others would expect of me at first. I try to be sensitive and compassionate because everyone has those internal battles and you can’t really tell just by looking if they’re winning.

"What is something you are actively going through?"

I just lost my Grandma to COVID. She was a wonderful woman and had a tremendous impact on me; we were very close. It is the first significant loss in my life so I’m very much new at navigating grief. Thankfully I have a strong support system and a really great husband.

"Who motivates you most?"

I truly believe in sharing stories in pursuit of higher truths. Finding a method or a theory that just completely energizes you to think and subsequently live in a new way, one that supports your purpose and happiness - it absolutely lights me up. So I love to hear others stories; and to travel and experience new cultures. To seek helpful, inspiring truths - that’s what motivates me.

"What are you excited about right now?"

I have so many plans for The Weekendly - I want to expand to different mediums, roll out an interview series; and I’m working on a book idea I’ve had for a few years now. I just want to uncover useful insights that help women live more fulfilled, happy lives.

"Tell us your '&'!"

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