Victoria Viccaro

Meet Victoria - aka Victorylayne!
Her Story: 

It was 2012, I just graduated high school in a small Florida beach town, and literally had no idea what to do next. A few months passed and visited South Lake Tahoe, CA for a week of vacation, and fell absolutely in love with the mountains. I moved to Kirkwood Ski Resort just outside of Tahoe less than a month later with about $200 in my pocket. This was the biggest decision of my life that set the framework for my entire future. I was absolutely broke, freezing my butt off everyday, and the happiest I’ve ever been. After only 3 months of living on the mountain, my older brother was hit by a car while he was fishing in FL, by a man who was texting and driving. This was by far the most difficult yet eye opening chapter in my life that I continue to go through still each day. The realization of how short life is lit the fire in my soul to never a waste a moment and to live each day to the utmost potential.

"What about your story challenges the status quo?"
My story challenges the norm as I didn’t complete a typical approach for my education. I knocked out my teaching credential program and bachelors degree within a year and a half by taking a rigorous amount of coursework online. I didn’t always know I wanted to be a teacher though. I completed my EMT, went to Dental Assisting school, took real estate courses, and a few culinary classes before figuring out that my passion lies with being a positive impact on our kids for the future.

"What is something you are actively going through?"

I just graduated with my Bachelors in elementary teaching with my credential, so I’m currently pursuing a career in teaching while also continuing to work as a private chef.

"What motivates you most?"
I’m highly motivated by the people I surround myself with, but I’m also driven by the worst case of FOMO (fear of missing out). I never want to miss an adventure, and I’ll do what it takes to maintain the lifestyle I've worked hard to achieve. The motto “work hard, play harder” is how I live each day.
Specifically, my fiancé Nick pushes my limits and teaches me that I can make anything happen for myself, and also Tasha Thomas. She’s a fellow teacher and pro mountain biker, whom I can relate to as we’ve both suffered the loss of our brothers. She is such a badass and I look to her for advice and inspiration whether it’s for school, snowmobiling, or just daily life stuff.

"Tell us your '&'!"
I’m a hard enduro dirtbike rider, a Timbersled athlete, and golfer.
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  • Trisha McGowan

    You are an inspiration. Life has hard knocks and you seem to enjoy life no matter what! You go girl!!!

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