Dogs or Cats?


Like many things, this answer depends on the timing of your life.

When we were children,  Mary had 2 cats, a big fat Calico named “Mommy Cat” and a skinny orange Tabby cat named “Mocha”. Both of these cats were sweet wonderful kind animals. Then, her god-father gave her a puppy. A tiny little Maltese Poodle named Mimosa. She was an adorable, teeny tiny, white ball of fluff and she was an absolute TERROR. She bit, she growled, she tore apart stuffed animals, and I am convinced, that little dog RUINED little dogs for both of us forever! I had two cats growing up, that I begged, pleaded and blackmailed my parents into getting! A stray we found on Halloween and named Spooky, and a kitten I finagled, when my parents moved us across the country for a year when I was in grade school!

Mary & I both have dogs now, not a single cat between us! I have had BIG dogs for 10+ years, and just got my first tiny dog! A little Cavalier King Charles, that is sweet and cute and gentle and now I have to take back everything I have said about little dogs over the last 30 years! Mary’s dog is a mid size and is small enough to be cute still, but big enough to look a little tough!

But who knows, perhaps the timing of our lives will change yet again. Someday we may be “cat ladies” in our old age, wearing muumuus and drinking whiskey... Fingers crossed!

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