Our Warning Label

handwritten words saying: If you came with a warning label what would it say?


When Mary & I first met, I remember my mother saying, “I have never heard a little person talk so much.”  I had finally met my match.

One night in my first real apartment, Mar & I stayed in, just the two of us and ended up sitting on the kitchen floor for HOURS with a bottle (or two) of wine. We talked and laughed all night. When we woke up in the morning there was a note on my apartment door from the downstairs neighbor complaining about the noise from above. Apparently the two of us had raised such a ruckus that the neighbor complained to our landlord (who laughed when I explained it was just the two of us and my cat)!

When Oliver was born, we all quickly realized that he inherited my lack of volume control.  Our operations manager dubbed him “11” when he was about two years old, because his volume was at 11 ALL THE TIME. Throw in Mary’s little guy Asher, who can talk the paint off the walls and we have ourselves a party! Needless to say we have never lost a kid in Target, all you have to do is listen.

As we have gotten older we have learned that not EVERYBODY wants (or needs) to hear all the very important things we say… But we still have our moments.

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  • Kim B

    I absolutely LOVE my bracelets ! I wear them all the time, I haven’t taken them off since I received them!

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