Saturday is for Shopping!

Saturday is for Shopping. (online and in bed)

Pandemic shopping, am I right?

I can speak for both of us when I say, we have excelled at loungewear in the last year. A wrist full of Dia, cozy pajamas, matching sweatsuits, and soft sweaters have become our uniforms.

Since we were kids, Mary  & I have had similar tastes in clothing, yet we wear our style very differently! We still screenshot t-shirts, shoes, and bags to send to the other one, and I have been known to steal items from her closet when I’m in town!!!

I wear Sterling Dia EVERYDAY, depending on my mood (or outfit) I throw in some Matte Black or Rose Gold Dia as an accent. Mary wears a mix of Stainless Steel and Sterling  ALL the time, and we both will mix in other gold, silver, and rose gold jewelry. Even in these Stay-at-Home times, Dia are an easy way to dress up your loungewear!!!

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