She believed she could...

handwritten words She believed she could so she did

And really… It is as simple as that.

As mothers of daughters, this is so important. As young girls in the 80’s we remember being told: you can be anything you want to be!

What did we want to be?  Veterinarians, Astronauts, Business Women!

Business women back then looked different to us. They wore power suits, and shoulder-pads and Reeboks with their skirts. They went to offices filled with men in suits and big  desks. 

When we started E&O, our meetings were at bars, parks and beaches, not boardrooms and offices. Mary would make jewelry at her kitchen counter while I mixed us rum & cokes and played music while playing with 4 kids. (We did get reprimanded for that one by Mary’s husband… No drinking while using a blow torch.)

We have made our company look and feel how we want it to. We strive to be the kind of leaders we wanted to work for. We hire people we believe in.  And almost 10 years in, we still won’t say we did it...yet! 

We still have a lot more things we know we can do!

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