TV or Books?

TV or Books?

Going with BOTH on this one!

Mary loves motivational books. She usually ends up telling me about them, which is great because I think motivational books are usually too repetitive, and I lose focus, so she gives me the highlights to make me a better person!  Mary picks her books based on mood, and will take any and all recommendations to store away for when  the mood strikes. Many moons ago she tore through the Twilight & Hunger Games series (did we all?! They were SO  GOOD). She is currently reading Midnight Library and highly recommends it.

I LOVE an autobiography, preferably musicians, Tina Turner, Graham Nash, Kieth Richards, Motley Crüe, Anthony Keidis, anything from the singer songwriter era of the 60’s & 70’s. I love Tom Wolfe, thank you Miss Kritz - our 11th grade English Lit. teacher. I also am a historical fiction fan, I read ALL the Outlander books when I was pregnant with Oliver (they are REALLY BIG books - be impressed). Right now I am reading one about the Donner Party called The Hunger (TBD). I retain random facts from my random reading and am Mary’s trivia “phone a friend” 100% of the time!

Television is also SO great! Mary and I spent way too much of our youth watching  MTV. We were once at a fashion show and there was a guy there I was CONVINCED we knew from high school...turned out he was on The Real World in like 1996! In Jr. High, EVERY Saturday night, we would watch Saturday Night Live. Then came Lifetime Movies in college. I would go to Mary’s apartment for the weekend (we went to colleges an hour away from each other) and we would lay on her couch and watch TERRIBLE made for TV movies all weekend long!

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