Smiles & Laughs

Today I played hooky - as my mother would say!  Being an honest grown up individual, I felt like I should let my team know. So, I hesitantly called Mary and Cassie (our operations manager) to tell them I was going to go skiing instead of working this morning. 

Both of them had the same response… “GOOOOOO! Have fun, enjoy!”

That response made me both smile AND laugh.  I had so much guilt about not working and clearly they BOTH, thought me taking a day off to enjoy the sun and snow and mountains was EXACTLY what I needed. Sometimes we really are the hardest on ourselves.

So, while I was speeding down the mountain, I realized I was smiling again. As I sat on the chairlift listening to a friend tell a story, I was laughing. Although I may not want to admit it, but, they were right... I needed to go have fun; smile and laugh and enjoy the day!

Sometimes, especially in these crazy times of COVID, you have to make it happen. Create, find, or even chase the smiles and laughter in life.

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