Wholesale Terms and Policies


  • Fill out the following form: New Retailer Info/Contact Form
  • We will send you an "account activation" email, where you can create a password to shop our Wholesale Online Store
  • Or you may email your order to us at: order@emersonandoliver.com 

Once you are approved, and granted access to our retail site, we do require you to read and agree to our Wholesale Terms and Conditions.


Retailers must show proof of valid sales permit ID for resale purposes. 


You must be the owner of a brick & mortar store or e-commerce site to purchase at wholesale pricing.  Emerson & Oliver can only be sold through approved channels such as your store (web or brick & mortar).  No third party sites are approved for resale (i.e. Ebay, Amazon, auction or similar sites).



Emerson & Oliver LLC reserves the right to make changes to its policies and procedure at anytime.  Prices are subject to change without notice.                    

Placing a Wholesale Order with Emerson & Oliver indicates that you have read, understand and accept the conditions outlined in this Wholesale Policy.