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Chakra Charm

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These 7 colored beads are reminders of the 7 Chakras:

Root Charka: Red, reminds us to slow down, to stop, and to be present.
Sacral Chakra: Orange, remind us of our sensitivity, sexuality, and self-expression.
Solar Plexis Chakra: Yellow, can help you feel strong, confident, motivated, and powerful.
Heart Chakra: Green, represents the ability to give and receive compassion, empathy, kindness, health, and healing.
Throat Chakra: Blue, is linked to speaking and writing your truth.
Third Eye Chakra: Indigo, is connected to intuition, sensory perception, & wisdom to see the world in a whole new way.
Crown Chakra: Violet, helps rejuvenate both the mind and soul, connecting you to your higher self, purpose, the universe, source, and the divine.

These tiny charms are a perfect addition to your set of Dia bracelets.

Available as a mini-set of 3.  

  • 3x glass beads of each (7) colors on 3 dia
  • 6mm charm
  • 7 charms on 3 Dia bracelets
  • Available on 6½"  7", 7 ½" & 8¼" stainless steel bracelets

      Find your wrist size by wrapping a flexible string or measuring tape around your wrist, just below the wrist bone. Pull it tight so it's snug, but not uncomfortable. If you used a string, hold it against a ruler... This is your wrist size!

       For maximum style and comfort, allow for extra room on your wrist.

      Wrist Size

      Dia Bracelet Size

      Luxe Bangle Size

      <5.5"- 6.5"

      6.5"- 6.9"

      7"- 7.4"

      7.5"- 8"









      *Please remember that although you may have a very small WRIST, your bracelet must still Fit over your HAND! Our Dia are springs, so they will stretch to an extent...If your Dia are too small, they will lose shape when rolling them on & off. 

      *Our bangles do not have any give. They are solid steel and will not lose shape.

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